Green Cleaning Services

Eco Friendly Products Provided When Requested At No Extra Charge!

Maid in NOLA is proud to offer green cleaning services.

You may not think about this very often, but you are frequently exposed to a large variety of non-eco friendly cleaning products throughout your day.

Numerous cleaning products are used on nearly every surface in your home/office, from the kitchen and bathrooms to the floors and furniture.

Many commonly used cleaning products are petroleum based, and in addition to their negative environmental impact, they can also be harmful to you and your family. Children, the elderly, and pets face the greatest risk from toxic cleaning products. That’s why a green cleaning services with eco friendly products is an ideal option for an effective and safe house cleaning.

If you suffer from allergies to chemicals contained in regular cleaning products, then in addition to being an eco-friendly choice, green cleaning services are also the perfect option to protect you from those nasty allergic reactions.

We offer our environmentally safe green cleaning services to the New Orleans & Surrounding areas including.