While de-cluttering, there are DON’Ts that you be aware of to make a difference. We have a new batch of DON’T’s that you will not find anywhere else. If you don’t know how to keep your house clutter-free, contact our top-rated house cleaning service in New Orleans, sit back and relax! We have got you covered.

If you are planning to de-clutter some of your old items, here is a list to help you avoid time-wasting, energy-consuming tasks and your house will be in tip-top shape!

Let’s begin, shall we?

Don’t Waste a Whole Day On It

Be honest with yourself – if you think you’ll spend an entire day exhausting your physical and mental stamina, organizing your old household products, it is a LIE!

Divide the de-cluttering process into a number of days! Don’t sweat it! Dedicating an hour or two every day will also help you focus on other things in life that need your attention.

Don’t Hold a Yard Sale

Traditional yard sales require a lot of time and this leads to frustration. They are not nearly as profitable as they used to be. If you are waiting to get rid of stuff, you must do more than watch your belongings.

Use online platforms like Facebook, Craigslist or any local trading app to sell your items and donate the rest!

Don’t Start Without a Goal

If you have no idea about why you are de-cluttering, things will be harder for you! Question yourself: why do you want to get organized? Do you need more space?

Whenever you are frustrated or need motivation, revisit your purpose. Remind yourself why you are doing what you’re doing, and it should refocus your efforts to help you make the best decision.

Don’t Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Going through old pictures is enjoyable but if you spend a lot of time sifting through memory lane, it will eat up your de-cluttering time.

If you feel tempted and begin flipping through old pictures or memorabilia, understand why you are de-cluttering and trying to accomplish your goals. You can always find a more appropriate time to look through them and reminisce.

De-Cluttering is not a One-Time Thing

Consider de-cluttering a skill – if you are doing it over time, the better you will get at it. While de-cluttering, have a mindset that it is your first sweep and you have to do it again.

Moreover, if you need a professional cleaner down the road, you can always contact us. But we suggest keeping the clutter at bay so that you will get time to decide whether you want to keep the items or not.

You Don’t Need to be Perfect for De-Cluttering

It might seem surprising but the pictures of closets and drawers we see on Pinterest are no way 100% organized all the time. Your objective should be to organize your space so that it looks completely comfortable to you.

Help yourself by making a cluttering checklist. That way, you will have a visual representation of the things you want to get rid of or donate. Get a separate trash bag and fill it with the items you want to donate or give away.

Don’t Let Your Guilt Guide You!

It’s a human tendency to struggle with guilt when eliminating items from your life. We think the item has been gifted or given by someone we deeply care about. So, when you feel guilty, ask yourself if the item is worth keeping or if it adds any value to your home.

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