Moving Cleanings

Selling a home or moving is scientifically proven to be one of the most stressful events of our lives. Everyone can agree that the process is exhausting.

Maid in NOLA can help with this daunting experience by offering clients and real estate agents the ability to prepare a home for sale with our Showing Day cleaning. We can clean a home after a move out or before a move in by providing a Moving Day cleaning in New Orleans.

We are a real estate agent’s best friend when it comes to house cleaning. We have all seen enough TV shows to know that staging a home for sale is a surefire way to secure a higher offer.

Showing Day Cleaning is an integral part of the staging process.

If a potential buyer is trying to visualize themselves living in a home, they want a sensual experience that allows them to feel themselves living in that new space. This is hard to do when they are contending with dusty baseboards, cobwebs, and sticky floors. We know how important a clean home is. The potential buyer feels better about the space and is willing to spend on it, they are not worrying about having to ‘fix this’, or ‘replace that’. They see the value in a clean space.

We go through the home and provide a very thorough house cleaning service; we prepare it to sell for top dollar. We offer clients the ability to select from our checklist the areas and tasks which they feel they require, or they can let us assess the home and do what we see fit. We work hand in hand with many real estate agents and staggers to provide this useful and timely service.

We get out the magnifying glass and do our detective work at this job. We find hidden dirt and grime, we work on grease, we remove build up and we clean the space to make it appear as if it’s never been lived in before (barring regular wear and tear, of course).

The last thing you want is to move into a new home and find a mysterious hair, a splatter of tomato sauce, or soap scum. Our job is to go in, roll up our sleeves, and clean the space, from top to bottom, left to right, leaving no space unturned.

The difference will amaze you

If you’re moving out, you will fool the people moving in to believing you were a total neat freak with our moving day cleaning services. If you are moving in, you will be confident enough to literally eat off the floors. We want to be the easiest, most enjoyable part of your moving experience! Our thorough, checklist has been developed with the assistance of real estate agents and property managers. Clients can select to have the entire checklist tended to at this cleaning or can request to have certain things added or removed given their situation. Maid in NOLA is flexible and wants to ensure clients are getting what they need from this service in New Orleans.

Our friendly office staff will be glad to review this process with you in further detail. We want to know what makes you tick, we want to know what you want from your cleaning service. No detail is too small, no request is too particular. If something is not on the checklist, all you have to do is ask and if we can do it, we will add the task or service to your visit.