Green cleaning has become the norm for commercial organizations and aware consumers who are worried about the environment. Even if one does not understand exactly what it is, people still use green cleaning products as they consider they are good for the environment. That’s where cleaning products manufacturing companies take advantage of the lack of awareness of users. They use labels that do not mean the product is certified as a green cleaning product but trick users into believing that it is a green cleaning product.

For example, labels like “low VOC” or “no VOC” mean a product has a lower concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or none at all, but that does not mean it is a green cleaning product.

This post will take you through all the useful information to help you understand what green cleaning is, what green cleaning products are and the advantages of using green cleaning products.


What is green cleaning?


Green cleaning does not have a universal definition but the mainstream definition of green cleaning says it is cleaning using environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions and products. Now, it can be done either by using natural methods for cleaning or using manufactured green cleaning products.

Natural methods of green cleaning include using substances like baking soda, lemons, charcoal and vinegar to clean surfaces. On the other hand, using green cleaning products involves using cleaning products that are certified safe by the EPA.


Green Cleaning


What are green cleaning products?


Green cleaning products are cleaning products that are phosphate-free, chlorine-free, contain no artificial fragrances or colors and are biodegradable. Some green cleaning products are also made using organically grown ingredients from sustainable farming practices.

The companies may alter the definition of green cleaning products to serve their interests. That’s why it is good to stick to EPA standards.

As per the EPA, a consumer should consider a product to be a green cleaning product if it has a Design for the Environment (DfE) label. EPA has also created a Safer Choice program where a user can find products certified as green cleaning products that contain safer ingredients for human health and the environment.


Why do green cleaning products matter?


Two perspectives encourage the use of green cleaning products: humans and the environment.

Traditional cleaning products include chemicals that are harmful to human health. The fumes from those cleaning products can irritate eyes, cause skin rashes and nasty allergic reactions.

Similarly, traditional cleaning products are not very good for the environment either. They contain harmful chemicals that when entered in landfills and water streams as wastewater, can damage soil quality and aquatic life.

That’s why it is very important you use green cleaning products to save the environment and human health. Or, if you are hiring a professional residential and commercial cleaning services company, make sure the company is using green cleaning products.

We care for humans and the environment. That’s why at Maid in NOLA, we offer our clients the option of using green cleaning products so that they can take care of their people and environment.